Swedish grocery retail chain Coop chose T8 LED retrofit from Aura Light

Coop Sverige AB, one of the biggest retail chains in Sweden with its 665 stores, has entered an agreement with the Swedish lighting company Aura Light. The company will deliver sustainable LED lighting to Coop’s stores in Sweden, but also to their stores in the Nordic region.

When Coop started the process of selecting lighting partner, their objective was to find someone that could provide them with sustainable, cost-efficient lighting and to help them reduce their energy consumption.

Aura Light was a natural choice

By changing their old energy consuming, fluorescent light sources to Aura Light’s modern LED retrofit tubes, Coop will save around 65% on energy consumption compared to a traditional lighting solution. In addition to that, they will receive mercury free lighting and need less replacements and maintenance work.

– Sustainability is important for Coop and it’s important for us to work with partners that share this focus. Therefore, Aura Light was a natural choice for us. We requested an energy efficient LED solution that also enhances the customer experience in our stores, says Tord Lissel, Energy Strategist at Coop Sweden AB.

An easy way to achieve energy savings
The product delivered to Coop is a LED retrofit tube with high efficacy and good colour rendering. It will replace the current fluorescent installation and will help Coop to maximize their energy savings and reduce their maintenance costs significantly.

Easy Selection: The T8 LED retrofit

The T8 LED retrofit from Aura Light is part of the Easy Selection. It is an efficient LED T8 retrofit light source that can be used as a quick solution to save energy in existing luminaire installations replacing T8 fl uorescent tubes operated by magnetic ballasts. It is possible to safely upgrade the installation to LED technology without any big investments and with minimal effort.

Solution for Coop: