School Fria Intermilia enjoys modern lighting solution

The school Fria InterMilia was fitted with a whole new lighting solution, including LED luminaires Aura Lunaria and Aura Alpinia and sensors. The staff is satisfied with the lighting and the pupils enjoy it too:

”It feels great when the kids point out how cool it is that the lighting switches on and off automatically”, says the scool’s Principal Riitta Paannanen.


Fria intermilia installed Aura Lunaria LED panels

Fria InterMilia is an independent school, that includes preschool and primary school. The business is inspired by the Reggio-Emilia philosophy of creating autonomous individuals by stimulating the child’s natural curiosity and desire to explore. The property company Pagoden has been responsible for the refurbishment of the premises.

LED solutions in all rooms

The old premises in Motala centre have been completely renovated which has created a creative and attractive school environment. The school strives to be as energy efficient as possible, and the management has decided to only use sustainable LED solutions.

Why the customer chose Aura Light

”We have installed lighting in 3700 m², so the choice of lighting clearly affects our energy consumption. Pagoden recommended Aura Light’s LED panels Aura Lunaria that provide a uniform lighting in our premises. The sensors enable us to save even more energy”, says Property Manager at Fria Intermillia, Jörgen Emanuelsson.

”We chose Aura Light’s LED panels because of our good cooperation with Pagoden, in combination with affordable products and smart lighting systems”, Jörgen continues.

The school has also installed Aura Alpinia in their stairwells and other LED luminaires in equipment rooms.

Electrician Johan Värn talks about the installation:

”The LED panels were very easy to install and even though we installed more than 300 LED panels we can’t see a colour difference between them, which is very good.”

Smart with sensors

The premises have presence sensors in the corridors and classrooms. Even the lighting by the whiteboards is controlled by sensors.
Principal Riitta Paananen explains:

”The staff is very satisfied with this new lighting. They like the lighting. It feels great when the kids point out how cool it is that the lighting switches on and off automatically”, Riitta concludes.


Solution for Fria Intermilia:

  • Energy efficient lighting soution with
  • Aura Lunaria LED panels
  • Aura Alpinia
  • Lighting control