Property company Pagoden cut energy usage by 95%

When the Swedish property company Pagoden replaced its stairwell lighting with the LED luminaire Aura Alpinia, the cut in energy consumption was tremendous: from 1453 MW/h to 55 MW/h and from 1153 tonnes to 44 tonnes of CO2 emissions.



Pagoden is a privately owned property company with headquarters in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The company’s largest properties are also located here. Pagoden owns around 100 properties and the total lettable area is approximately 290,000 m2, where 41,000 of them are commercial premises. There are around 3000 residents in their premises.

New modern lighting

The stairwell lighting was in poor condition and the timers broke, so the lighting was permanently on. Although the lights were lit around the clock, the tenants experienced that it was very dark. The lux measured was at most 110 lux and at least 12 lux. Pagoden’s requirements for good lighting is much higher than that so they choose to replace the old lighting with high quality stairwelll luminaires from Aura Light.

Presence controlled luminaires deliver light when needed

The CEO of Pagoden, Thomas Hopkins, contacted Aura Light, who inventoried the entire property. During an 18-month period the old luminaires were changed to modern, energy efficient luminaires with built-in presence sensors. The average active time in the stairwell is only two hours per day, which means that now they only use as much light as needed, which is 730 hours instead of 8760 in a year.

”This corresponds well with our environmental policy. We save energy and receive a high quality light in our property”, says Thomas Hopkins at Pagoden.

Comfort and sense of security

The annual consumption has changed from 1453 MW/h to 55 MW/h and from 1153 tonnes of CO2 to 44 tonnes of CO2. The payback time is approximately 1,3 years. The light level in the stairwells has also increased which resulted in comfort and sense of security for the residents.

Solution for Pagoden, Eskilstuna:

  • Presence controlled stairwell luminaires, Aura Alpinia
  • LED
  • Built-in motion sensors