Solution with daylight and motion sensors for Uelzen car park

Aura Light provides the Park and Ride car park at Hundertwasser Station, Uelzen with an innovative, sustainable lighting concept. By choosing Aura Light luminaires, Long Life LED light sources and Aura Light’s sensors, the city council has opted for a sustainable solution which considerably reduces its electricity consumption as well as CO2 emissions. The use of daylight and motion sensors ensures that the lights are only on when necessary.


Park-and-ride in Uelzen, Germany

High quality lighting and easy maintenance

The two-storey car park’s old lighting system provided insufficient illumination with inefficient and defective luminaires. Furthermore, the automatic light switches no longer functioned properly and the car park was permanently illuminated. This situation prompted Uelzen city council to implement a new lighting concept, which not only provides high quality lighting and easy maintenance but also is sustainable. In cooperation with B.A.U.M. Zukunftsfonds e.G. and Deutsche Bahn Mobility Networks Logistics, an innovative, sustainable lighting solution was developed.

Delivered: LED light sources, sensors and luminaires

The electrics and lighting for the Park and Ride car park were completely renewed in 2014. In addition to the lighting and sensors, Aura Light also delivered the luminaires. The centre of the open parking deck was fitted with Aura Iterluz LED pole-mounted luminaires, and Aura Agatis were fitted around the perimeter. On the basement floor of the car park, Aura Duro luminaires were used together with Aura UltiLED Long Life lamps 2×20 W. Furthermore, Aura Light’s sensors were used for daylight and motion-dependent lighting control.

The sensors provide needs-based lighting control and dimming with optimum illumination. By using needs-based lighting, energy consumption was reduced by 67%, without loosing the comfort and the illumination of the surfaces was increased. In this way, an annual reduction in electricity consumption of 205,185 kWh was achieved, as well as a reduction in emissions of CO2 of 121 tonnes. This also provides major cost savings.


For this project, the City of Uelzen received a certificate from B.A.U.M. Zukunftsfonds to confirm their sustainable reduction in electricity consumption and emissions of the harmful greenhouse gas CO2.

Solution for the City of Uelzen:

  • Aura Duro with
  • Aura UltiLED Long Life
  • Needs-based lighting control
  • 8-year guarantee