Lighting that reflects Rautamo Wheel Fashion’s persona

Rautamo Wheel Fashion is a company in the automotive industry focused on wholesale with customers who value performance, quality, design and service. The lighting both inside and outside therefore becomes an important part of how they want people to experience Rautamo.


Aura Lunaria G4


The whole reflects the company’s persona
The head office in Sweden is to represent the Rautamo Wheel Fashion persona. The building features interior decor that directly reflects the brand and corporate image.
“The lighting both inside and outside is an important part of how we want people to experience Rautamo. Our specification was for an efficient and advanced lighting design with smart, cost-effective solutions, such as motion detectors and light sensors throughout the building, both inside and outside, and dimmers to enable the lighting to be adjusted to the occasion and atmosphere.”

Tunable White fills us with energy at work
Andreas and Mikael both agree on the importance of Tunable White lighting in both the office and the showroom.
“Being able to experience real daylight makes for a more pleasant environment, which in turn provides a more active workplace. The ability to control the lighting level to compen-sate for the dark months of December and January energises us.”

Aura Light equals local presence and technical expertise
The lighting was well matched to expectations. Especially the user-friendliness offered by the motion detectors throughout the building, so no worrying about forgetting to turn the lights out.
“Being able to adjust the ambient lighting to any occasion adds a special touch to our workplace and our showroom. Without the active participation of Aura Light, we wouldn’t have been able to realise the results we wanted. Aura Light was involved in the construction process from day one, and had a tangible and positive influence on our decisions.”


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Aura Lunaria G4

Aura Lunaria Pro Tunable White