LED solution helps Vasakronan reach energy goals in Hötorget buildings

Aura Lunaria LED panels in combination with presence sensors help Vasakronan be more sustainable when lighting the iconic Hötorget Buildings in central Stockholm. ”Because we own property for € 9.4 billion, our energy-savings have a big impact.”


The leading Swedish property company Vasakronan offers its tenants eco-friendly offices and works continuously with reducing the environmental impact of its buildings. The lighting solution Aura Lunaria LED panels in combination with sensors help Vasakronan achieve its sustainability goals.

Reduced maintenance costs

”We chose the LED panel Aura Lunaria because we wanted an energy-efficient lighting solution and to lower our maintenance costs”, explained Tony Kjellström, Technical Manager at Vasakronan. ”This LED panel is a simple and qualitative solution that saves both the environment and money, without requiring a larger investment.”

”Aura Lunaria replaces older luminaires with compact fluorescent light sources in the entrances in the Hötorget buildings (writer’s note: well-known landmarks in central Stockholm). They were easy to install and they have worked very well so far”, Tony Kjellström adds.

Short payback time

”Before, we had to replace tubes in 16 luminaires which resulted in 320 tube replacements. Today, we only have 60 LED panels and Aura Light presence sensors, which means that we save a lot of time and resources. Another advantage is that the payback time for the LED panels is only two years.”

”Vasakronan invests a lot in sustainability and has ambitious energy targets every year, which include electricity, heat and cooling. Because we own property for SEK 90 billion (€ 9.4 billion), our energy-savings have a big impact”, Tony Kjellström concluded.


Solution for Vasakronan, The Hötorget buildings: