LED solution with 2 years’ pay-off for printing company

The printing company Bold Printing Malmö in Sweden, has installed the LED luminaire Certos in its printing facility. The LED installation has a short pay-off period of two years for Bold Printing. It also cuts energy consumption in half as well as reduces maintenance.


High pressure sodium replaced with LED luminaires

In the printing hall, the operations manager Christer Mauritsson replaced an installation of high-pressure sodium lamps with 56 pieces of the Aura Light LED luminaire Certos. Previously, Bold Printing experienced frequent down time due to lighting maintenance, which was very costly regarding man hours and machines as well as materials. Now that the printing company has switched to environmentally-friendly LED lighting, operation of the facility has become more energy- and cost-efficient.

50% less energy consumtion

“Energy consumption has been reduced by 50% and luminaire payback is as short as two years, including installation”, says Christer Mauritsson. The lux levels have increased and the light distribution has become more uniform across the room, due to the new luminaires. The employees at the facility also think that the working environment has improved much. “Everyone is very happy with the lighting”, says Christer Mauritsson.

Long lifetime and the right price

Bold Printing evaluated various luminaires for the printing hall but Certos assessed to fulfill the most important criteria in the specification. The highbay luminaire Certos suited the printing facility because it had the right light distribution, a service life of 50,000 hours and a high light output. The high light output made Certos ideal for buildings with high ceilings and is typically used in warehouses or production halls. Bold Printing chose 42 pieces Certos of 200 W and 14 pieces of 120 W to create the optimized lighting solution. A favorable price and a solid system guarantee were further advantages that Bold Printing Malmö AB could benefit from.

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