Increased well-being in focus at Munich care centre


At the Munich-based old-age and geriatric care centre LebensArt Betreuung und Pflege, caring for people is highest on the agenda. However, the company realized that it needed to extend its passion for people and their well-being to include its own employees. When LebensArt Betreuung und Pflege moved into new premises, they enlisted the help of Ti-Con Consulting GmbH, a vendor-independent specialist for LED lighting solutions in the industrial, commercial and public sector.




Energy-efficient and uniform luminance

To optimize the care facility office’s lighting, energy efficiency and carbon footprint, LebensArt Betreuung & Pflege decided to install Aura Lunaria LED panels. The result? Higher energy-efficiency, reduced carbon footprint and uniform luminance that virtually eliminated worker eye discomfort and fatigue.

Satisfied with the high quality

»We care about people’s well-being and the environment. Sustainable lighting is important to our customers, our employees and our business. Therefore we choose Aura Lights luminaire Aura Lunaria and we are very satisfied with this high quality lighting solution.« –Susanne Bauer, LebensArt Betreuung und Pflege.

Solution for LebensArt Betreuung und Pflege

• Aura Light Lunaria LED panels
• High energy-efficiency
• Reduced carbon footprint
• Uniform luminance