Hotel Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade: Excellence in lighting

Hotel Sofitel Lisboa Liberdade 2014

Hotel Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade Solution:

  • Aura Abelia, Aura Rubia, and Aura Andro
  • Aura Long Life Eco Saver, T5 and Unique -T/E
  • Top-of-the-range quality
  • Energy efficiency

Top-of-the-range quality for a luxury hotel
To meet the sophisticated needs of this hotel, the design needed to incorporate fixtures that were discreet, elegant, and decorative. To accomplish this, Aura Abelia fixtures were chosen to handle general lighting in the Louvre meeting and events rooms, three modular rooms measuring 280 m2.

The Abelia is a recessed T5 fixture that is suitable for these types of spaces due to its discreet and functional design. With an opalescent diffuser, it is ideal for the requirements of rooms where glare prevention is critical. These white fixtures, with a white housing, were properly equipped with a dimmable DALI electronic ballast and Aura Eco Saver Long Life 58,000 hour 13W 4000K bulbs, which maximise the efficiency of the lighting system and reduce costs thanks to their long lifespan and the characteristics of the Aura Long Life bulbs.

Because these spaces are both decorative and functional, a structure was created to simulate a lighted ceiling, with illumination provided by the Aura Andro fixture equipped with Aura Eco Saver Long Life 13W and 25W T5 tubes. This fixture was also installed as downlights along the length of the rooms to create a more comfortable and distinctive atmosphere.

Elegant and sustainable lighting
Despite its luxurious personality, the hotel did not want to sacrifice its commitment to sustainable lighting and the benefits of Aura Light’s solutions. And so, in addition to using Aura Light’s Eco Save Long Life bulbs, all the lighting is integrated into the space’s existing control system. In the junior suites, the concept of the space also entailed creating a welcoming and functional atmosphere that was nevertheless efficient. Since guest room closets are spaces that are often neglected by designers but used very often by clients, Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade reinforced its distinctive brand through lighting that used warm white LED strips at 4.8W per metre. In the vestibule, the choice fell to the simple and sophisticated square Aura Rubia downlight, with a clear glass IP44 diffuser fitted with two compact Aura Unique-T/E Eco Saver Long Life 42W fluorescent bulbs, with a 30,000 hour lifespan.

Through excellence in lighting that supports its distinctive personality, Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade ensures the satisfaction of the most demanding customers!