Elbe Kliniken satisfied with Aura EasyT8 Long Life

German health service provider Elbe Kliniken installed LED lamps of another manufacturer in two of their hospital parking facilities in the cities of Stade and Buxtehude. When these LED lamps started to fail after the two-year warranty expired, Elbe Kliniken chose Aura EasyT8 Long Life (21W, 5000K) as replacements.



The hospital parking facilities are highly trafficked areas that provide access to work for 2,000 health care staff and access to health care services for over 37,000 inpatients and 85,000 outpatients. Energy-efficient lighting ensures the safety and security of those who use the parking decks and keeps hospital operating costs down.

“We couldn’t be happier with the LED retrofit tubes from Aura Light,” says Jens Klindtworth, Facility Manager, Elbe Kliniken. “These high quality Aura EasyT8 Long Life tubes use less energy but provide better lumen output. What’s more, they look like the fluorescent tubes that were originally installed in the parking decks, not like LED lamps, which we think is a big plus. Another positive aspect: Aura Light provides a five-year guarantee.”

Elbe Kliniken is so satisfied with Aura EasyT8 Long Life that it plans to retrofit additional parking decks at its other hospitals and healthcare facilities.