Customised lighting solutions for Skåne University Hospital Lund

With lighting from Aura Light, Skåne University Hospital Lund got customised lighting solutions that met their requirements: energy efficient lighting with high service efficiency, that fit in the same ceiling space as the old fixtures.


Skåne University Hospital Lund, SUS,  is, together with its associated hospitals in Malmö, Sweden’s third largest hospital. It offers a wide variety of highly specialised care, research and education.

SUS Lund has been a customer of Aura Light for many years, initially, with the hospital purchasing Aura Light’s fluorescent lamps for its existing luminaire solutions. When SUS was in need of new luminaires, Aura Light was able to offer customised solutions that met its requirements: energy-efficient lighting with high service efficiency that would fit in the same ceiling space as the old fixtures.

A customised universal solution was created for SUS Lund using the fixture Part. It is a recessed luminaire with the replaceable light source, Aura UltiLED. Part was designed in two different sizes so that it would fit in the existing ceiling spaces at SUS Lund. It is available with either one or two UltiLED fluorescent lamps and is designed for both easy installation and maintenance. Because it is equipped with the Aura UltiLED light source, it is also extremely energy-efficient. Yet another customised solution was created for the children’s hospital. It is the wall fixture, Elim, with decorative shades that create a soothing atmosphere for children.

The emergency room got an entirely new solution,  with Aura Lunaria Tunable White LED panels. With a control panel specially designed for SUS Lund, nurses can easily control the lighting to create either daytime or nighttime lighting.
“The results are simply fantastic,” say Robert Regi and Fredrik Andersson, technicians at Skåneteknik. “You can’t even imagine that there has ever been any other lighting here before,” they say.
For the future, they would like to further develop the control system such that it is possible to adjust lighting in the emergency room for each individual patient. The same applies to other parts of the hospital, where there are plans to, together with Aura Light, create custom solutions for both luminaires and control systems.

With Aura Light’s new luminaire solutions,  SUS Lund estimates that it has achieved savings of up to 58 percent on energy and service costs. However, Robert would like to emphasize the important, more intangible benefits that quality lighting offers.
“Imagine how nice it is to be able to come home at the end of a long work day, without being totally exhausted because of the poor work environment!” he exclaims.He goes on to explain that good lighting and control in the corridors helps ensure a high level of reliability.
“It won’t ever be pitch black, even if I come down here in the middle of the night,” he says. I don’t need to be afraid of running into anything because it’s so dark. That’s worth all the money in the world”.

Download the case study here.