Aura Light LED luminaires for cleantech centre WaterCampus, NL

The WaterCampus is a leading Dutch technology centre that aims to become Europe’s capital of water knowledge and technology. When WaterCampus decided to expand with a multipurpose building consisting of offices, laboratories, meeting rooms and parking facilities, it set its sustainability goals high, aiming to achieve a BREEAM* Excellent rating.


WaterCampus LED luminaires

To meet these high environmental performance standards, the international construction company in charge of the project BAM, selected photovoltaic panels to cover a large portion of the ceiling as a means to generate much of the building’s electricity requirements. To supplement the energy-saving design, BAM chose Aura Light’s sustainable lighting solutions to contribute further to the building’s energy-neutral design.

They installed the LED-panel Aura Lunaria Pro in the offices and the Aura Conspecto downlight. The Aura Lunaria Pro LED panel light is a revolutionary LED lighting guide-plate with high brightness LEDs. Aura Lunaria Pro LED panel light does not result in eye exhaustion and provides uniform luminance all over the light panel. The Aura Lunaria Pro is especially suitable for computer work in accordance with EN-12464.

Aura Conspecto is a popular family of recessed downlights designed for the replaceable LED module Aura CompoLED Long Life. Aura Conspecto is available in two versions, one with a highly efficient anodized aluminum reflector and the other with a white painted reflector. The Aura Conspecto family enables you to reach a very low power consumption without sacrificing a high quality of light.

Solution for WaterCampus

* Building Research Establishment Energy Assessment Method, the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings. See