Aura Light is back in the LUMA factory

Illuminates office in the historic LUMA building



Aura Light was founded as LUMA in 1930 and built their factory in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm. Now the company is back where history began – this time as a supplier of office lighting to the premises.

Since 2006, the LUMA-house is owned by the real estate company Fabege, that focuses on urban development and commercial real estate within the Stockholm area. Today, Fabege is the largest commercial property owner in Hammarby Sjöstad.

A unique environment

The LUMA area is today an attractive place for both companies and individuals. The former lamp factory offers modern office spaces with a high ceilings and distinct character. The national protected building, the proximity to water and the tranquility inspires to a creative environment for all LUMA tenants.

“LUMA is a unique and historic place. The light still shines in the conference room at the top, just like in the past when prototypes were tested here, “says Marie Tillkvist, project manager at Fabege.

“We are very pleased to be back in the LUMA factory where it all began,” says Per Lindeberg, CEO of Aura Light.

Reuse existing lighting – an important part of Fabege’s sustainability strategy

Fabege manages the old lamp factory premises and is responsible for lighting in public areas. As the landlord, Fabege address the customers’ needs in choosing the right lighting and ensures that all the general lighting is sustainable.

“Lighting is part of our extensive sustainability strategy, therefore it is important for us to be able to reuse our lighting. We move our existing luminaires that are still working between our properties. When we need to buy new lighting, we always look for sustainable LED lighting”, says Marie.

Environment-friendly LED lighting

Aura-Lunaria-LED-panel-largeAt one of the offices of the property, 200 pieces of Aura Light’s award-winning Aura Lunaria LED panels have been installed to replace the previous luminaires that contained traditional fluorescent tubes. Aura Lunaria was awarded as the world’s most energy efficient LED panel by the International Organisation SEAD in the category of planar luminaires. The LED panels provide high quality light and a uniform luminance avoiding glare and eye exhaustion. By replacing the traditional fluorescent lamps, energy and maintenance costs are saved for Fabege’s tenant, as well as reduced environmental impact.