Atrium Ljungberg installs street light luminaires in Orminge

Atrium Ljungberg is one of Sweden’s largest property companies and specialises in owning, developing and managing mainly retail- and office properties. It is responsible for the lighting in Orminge Centre where Aura Light has provided the street luminaries for the parking lot.

LED luminaire

Replacing mercury lights with LED

Stefan Hernodh is Technical Manager at Atrium Ljungberg. Because mercury lamps are being prohibited in accordance with the EU directive and the lighting needed improvement, Mr Hernodh chose to install street luminaires provided by Aura Light.

– We had two main objectives when replacing the lighting at the parking lot at Orminge Centre. First and foremost we wanted to replace our old mercury luminaires with LED, and we also wanted to create a better lit parking area. LSL30/LSL60 is a LED luminaire that lives up to our requirements, said Mr Hernodh.

Long term and environmentally friendly

Atrium Ljungberg strives toward using as energy efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives as possible when it comes to lighting.

– To replace old technology with new, significantly more eco friendly technology and with a long life time goes hand in hand with our environmental goals, Mr Hernodh concluded.

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