Challenge gave new solution in Stockholm Metro

Stockholm Public Transport (SL) had produced a requirement specification for production of new lighting fixtures and Aura Light accepted the challenge. “As a result, the working environment is safer for SL staff”.


The Stockholm Metro will soon be celebrating 60 years in existence. It transports around one million people between 100 stations on three underground lines. The existing Metro lighting was around 30 years old and somewhat deteriorated. SL – Stockholm Public Transport – needed help with new lighting fixtures and contacted Aura Light.

A challenge that resulted in a new solution from Aura Light

SL had produced a requirement specification for production of new lighting fixtures. The aim was to find a Long Life concept. Some of the requirements involved a cost-efficient concept because all the tunnels in the Stockholm Metro system needed new lighting. This means delivery and installation of 17,000 fixtures and 300 kilometers of cable between 2009 and 2012. Other requirements were to avoid replacing fluorescent lights, environmental customization  i.e. being able to cope with temperatures from -20°C to +25°C, avoiding the need for tools for replacements and for the fixtures to be supplied complete with fluorescent tube, cord and plug. Constructing a dust proof and flush proof lighting fixture was also necessary.

SL contacted fluorescent light suppliers to ask them to produce a prototype. Aura Light accepted the challenge. No other lighting manufacturers were interested. The challenge resulted in a new lighting solution – Aura Luminaire Quick Change Long Life.

A solution that fulfills the requirements

“The new lighting lasts at least three times as long as standard products on the market. The fixture is easy to fit and change thanks to the simple click fastening. SL reduces unnecessary night work and work using ladders. As a result, the working environment is safer for SL staff”, says Thomas Kari, Project Manager at SL.

The risk of glare for metro drivers is reduced because the lighting is wide-angled and flicker-free. As the lighting fixtures are developed for tough environments such as tunnels, they meet SL’s requirement to be dust proof and to withstand water jets during cleaning. The fluorescent tubes need to be changed every seven years, which reduces environmental impact from transport, etc., and the actual fixtures are recyclable.

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