Aura Connect – Smart Lighting

Aura Connect is the umbrella term for Aura Light’s solutions of wireless communication between luminaires and different kind of lighting control systems. Controlling is managed automatically, and the quick installation and easy use saves a lot of time, at the same time as the full motion detect lighting contributes to the energy costs can be reduced. Here you can see all the smart solutions we can offer for the moment.


Brochure ActiveAhead (PDF)
Brochure iQ Connect (PDF)

Exzite – ActiveAhead
Aura Lunaria Pro G4 – ActiveAhead
Opuz Smart
Znap iQ Connect
Lezzon iQ Connect
Tunable White control devices
Illustris – DALI and Tunable White controls
DALI Switch and Dim Control
Grace line Single CE – ActiveAhead
Grace line Single RE – ActiveAhead