Find lighting for your application area




Different types of production facilities, such as Industries, require lighting of high
quality which can withstand tough conditions. Moisture, dust, and high ceilings require
energy-efficient and durable lighting with long intervals between maintenance.



Warehouses and terminal buildings require good working light, but only when really
needed. There is often a great potential for energy savings through lighting control.




Office lighting plays an important role in creating a good work environment.
Light is needed not only to see, but it can also influence how we feel.



Good lighting is important for a good education. It will increase concentration
and  create a comfortable learning environment.



In retail you want to create a good shopping environment, where customers feel
comfortable and welcome. You also want to present the products in an attractive
light setting. Using the right light has a direct impact on your sales.


Circulation areas

Lighting for circulation areas should make people feel comfortable and welcome.
The light design should respond to the exact needs. Circulation areas can be entrances,
corridors, reception and atriums. It can also be in buildings, airports, railway stations,
shopping malls etc.



Light not only makes us see, good light can also make us feel better. Proper lighting is
essential within healthcare. In examination and operation rooms there are high demands
for light output and contrast vision.



Lighting for all type of outdoor applications. Roads, tunnels, parking and
transportation areas. Also for facades and stairwells outdoor.


Tunable White

Personalize your lighting even more.  With Tunable White it is possible to change the
colour temperaturefrom warm white, over neutral white to cool white. Create your
perfect day, increase  your focus and promote wellness in your daily life.


Aura Connect – smart lighting

Aura Connect is the umbrella term for Aura Light’s solutions of wireless communication
between luminaires and different kind of lighting control systems.