About Aura Light

Aura Light provides lighting that is smart; sustainable, economical, long lasting, high quality and environmentally friendly. We call it Brighter Lighting. Our sustainable lighting solutions enable professional customers to reduce cost, energy consumption and carbon footprint.



With a lifetime of our light sources that is up to four times longer than standard products, maintenance costs and environmental impact are cut by 75%. Our energy-saving lighting solutions can lower your energy consumption by up to 80%, depending on your existing equipment. Aura Light helps you to reduce both costs and carbon footprint.

Facts and figures of the Aura Light group

  • Founded in 1930.
  • Head Office in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Production facility in Vimmerby, Sweden.
  • Subsidiaries in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany and France.
  • Besides the subsidiaries there are local sales teams active in several countries like Austria and Switzerland and we have a partner network around the world.
  • Our workforce consists approx 300 lighting specialists.
  • The turn-over is €80 M.

Annual report and Sustainability Report 2015

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