Aura Light participates when the Swedish Government launches the Lighting Challenge

Today the Swedish Government launches the Lighting Challenge. This is a national mobilization for energy efficient lighting and is a part of the international initiative “Global Lighting Challenge”. The lighting company Aura Light is participating together with its customer Scandic Hotels and are there to talk about their collaboration.

Global Lighting challenge

The “Global Lighting Challenge” was launched at COP21 in Paris in December 2015 with the aim to reach an accumulated sales of 10 billion high-efficiency lamps. The Swedish Minister of Energy, Ibrahim Baylan, is launching the National Lighting challenge and invites both industry and individuals to switch to energy efficient lighting. Aura Light and Scandic Hotels both stand behind the lighting challenge, and will talk about how suppliers and customers can work together to improve lighting and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

– It was important for us to find a provider that could match our requirements within sustainability. In addition to energy efficiency and sustainability it is also important with a pleasant light that contributes to a positive hotel experience for our visitors. Therefore, we want to share our successful cooperation with others, says Inger Mattsson, Sustainability Manager Scandic Hotels Group.

– It is particularly rewarding to work with a customer who also values sustainability and works actively with it, as we do. We hope that our participation will inspire others to change to sustainable lighting and that we together can make a difference, says Gunilla Danström, VP Marketing at Aura Light International AB.

The Swedish Government urges that more companies should endorse this initiative and change to energy efficient lighting.

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For more information, please contact:

Gunilla Danström, VP Marketing, Aura Light International AB,
+ 46 (0)8-564 883 49, +46 (0)733-10 99 29,
Alina Roos, Press Officer, Aura Light International AB,
+46 (0)8-564 883 89, +46 (0)702-86 40 02,
Inger Mattsson, Sustainability Manager Scandic Hotels Group, +46 (0)70-97 35 019

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