Aura Light launches unique LED module for outdoor lighting

Swedish lighting company Aura Light is launching a new all-in-one, intelligent outdoor LED module. The Aura NoctiLED Long Life is a variety of solutions in a single module. It can be used stand-alone, mounted as a luminaire on a pole or wall, or integrated into an existing luminaire. It has intelligent dimming technology to enhance energy savings and emits high-quality illumination.



This new all-in-one LED module integrates optics, electronics and cooling in a versatile package. It is flexible when it comes to installation, usage and setting options. The innovative double thermal management protects both LEDs and LED driver, which ensures long lifetime. It is ideal as lighting for pathways, roads, parking areas, public places and building facades.

“Aura NoctiLED Long Life is the future of lighting and it is a unique and flexible LED solution. The built-in intelligence allows this module to be used in a multitude of ways. This energy-efficient, high-quality lighting solution will simply make your outdoor lighting smarter,” says Martin Malmros, CEO Aura Light International AB.

Aura Light is also launching Aura NoctiLED Pole and Aura NoctiLED Wall, which enable the LED module to be used as a stand-alone luminaire by using two different mounting brackets.

“This is the perfect solution if you are looking for an advanced modular light source for a luminaire of your own design, planning to retrofit or looking for a ready-to-install, stand-alone solution for new installations,” says Martin Malmros, CEO Aura Light International AB.

The LED module has an intelligent dimming function system, which enables the LED module to be programmed to dim through its nightly illumination cycle. These settings allow adjustment of the light output and make it possible to maximize energy savings. There are 16 different dimming combinations available through a four-position dipswitch easily accessed in the LED module. It offers IP67 moisture and particulate protection enabling retrofit opportunities. The rated lifetime (L70B10) for Aura NoctiLED Long Life is 70,000 hours and this is backed by a solid guarantee.

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For further information, please contact:
Martin Malmros, CEO and Group Director, Aura Light International AB,
+46 (0)8 564 883 40, +46 (0)730 45 83 40,
Alina Giraldo, Press Officer, Aura Light International AB,
+46 (0)8 564 883 89, +46 (0)702 86 40 02

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