Prepare for darker days with better lighting

This weekend we set the clocks back, which puts a definite end to summer. As the days get shorter we use more light. Update to better and more energy-saving lighting now and look forward to a brighter winter!


On the night between October 25th and 26th more than 70 countries set the clock back one hour. This puts an end to summer time, internationally known as Daylight Saving Time. The DST is an adaptation of the standard time with the aim to make better use of daylight and to save more energy.

Now that this period is over, the days are getting shorter and more lights are switched on and for a longer time. It will be dark in the afternoon and evening while people are still at work in the office, factory environments or on their way home. The consumption of energy does up, as well as the price of electricity.

Prepare for darker times by updating your lighting installations to better, brighter and more energy efficient solutions that help you through the winter. With Aura Light luminaires, light sources and sensors you can save energy and benefit from a high quality bright light.

We offer a wide range of sustainable lighting solutions for industry, retail, offices and public lighting. We give all our high quality products an extensive warranty, so you are assured better lighting and energy-savings for a long time ahead.

Contact us to find out more or to place and order!

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