Bright ideas – how to get better lighting and save energy



Here are some easy tips that can help you lower your electricity bill and other costs while you get better, more sustainable and brighter lighting.


  • Longer life time means fewer replacements, lower maintenance costs, less downtime due to maintenance and less of Earth’s resources wasted.
  • Choosing the right installation could mean that you need fewer units than before because the new ones have higher light output and better distribution of light. Need help planning? Contact our experts!
  • Want a quick and easy upgrade to energy efficient LED? LED retrofit products fit into your old luminaires without any extra installation trouble.
  • A light source is only as efficient as the luminaire allows it to be. A modern, efficient luminaire squeezes out even more lumens per watt.
  • Lighting control systems pay for themselves in record time. They can cut your energy consumption with up to 80 percent. Prevent energy waste by installing smart controls with daylight and presence detection.
  • You can buy individual products but if you really want to improve energy efficiency, go for an entirely new concept: LED light sources, modern, efficient luminaires and lighting controls. Read about solutions for different application areas here.
  • The importance of easy installation and maintenance is even more important in industries, which face challenges such as room height, dirt and ambient temperature.
  •  Choice of colours for walls, furniture and equipment is not just about aestetics. Whites and lighter colours reduce the amount of light needed in the room considerably.
  • Cool light stimulates workplace productivity and has a cooling effect, which is good in warm conditions. Warm light can make people feel warmer.
  • Exit signs are easily forgotten. Nevertheless, they are always lit, so use energy-efficient light sources.
  • Air pollution is a common source of lighting failure. For parking garages and other areas with high particle levels, invest in a solution with a high IP classification and a high quality protective casing.

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