Customer survey: 91% find Aura Light a trustworthy partner that they want to do more business with



We have received the results of our latest customer survey and we are happy to see that our high level of customer satisfaction has increased even further.


The survey shows that 91% of customers find Aura Light to be a trustworthy partner that they are willing to increase business with, compared to 88% in the last study. Furthermore, Aura Light matches or exceeds customer expectations in about 90% of the different areas.

We are also happy to see that there is a high maturity on lighting control/sensors, which is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to save energy and money. However, not everybody was aware that we have a wide range of Aura Light sensors.

Aura Light is considered a trustworthy company with a clear long-life technology profile. A vast majority of customers mention being environmentally friendly as one of the top priorities and confidence in the sustainability work of Aura Light is high. Energy efficiency is considered increasingly important and customers highlight environmental impact, saving energy and reducing costs as top factors.

The project was carried out through December 2013-March 2014. Data was gathered through telephone interviews.

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