Aura Light launches a new LED light source for extreme application areas

The lighting company Aura Light launches a new LED light source, Aura UltiLED Pro Long Life, designed to be able to handle demanding environments. It has a lifetime of at least 70.000 hours and an outstanding thermal and electrical design which makes it ideal for use in environments where light requirements are high but maintenance costly and hard and difficult. 


In April 2012 Aura Light launched the new LED concept, Aura UltiLED Long Life. Now Aura Light introduces Aura UltiLED Pro Long Life, with increased lifetime, light quality and durability. This is a replaceable, highly efficient LED light source for new LED luminaires. The LED tube has a high light output with up to 3100 lumen and an excellent colour rendering of ≥ 80. It is especially suitable for demanding environments where there is a need for long lifetime, high efficiency and high lumen.

–      This LED light source has the best technology you can find on the market. The customer can rely on us to get a sustainable and high quality LED solution. This product is ideal for customers who need to have good light but want to reduce energy and maintenance costs in a sustainable way, says Martin Malmros, CEO Aura Light International AB.

Aura UltiLED Pro Long Life is protected in a glass tube and it is based on COB (Chip On Board) which is multi LED chips mounted directly on a circuit board. This gives the light sources a higher efficiency, higher thermal resistance, longer lifetime and makes it more suitable for extreme applications, such as in the oil and gas industry. It is ideal for applications where a high luminous flux is needed and also where the surrounding environment is demanding in terms of temperature fluctuations or for example shaky environments, exposing the tube to high mechanical stress. The rated lifetime L70B10 (i.e. 90% of light sources still have at least 70% of initial lumen output) for Aura UltiLED Pro Long Life is 70.000 hours.

Stockholm 16 May 2013
Aura Light International AB 

For further information, please contact:

Martin Malmros, CEO and Group Director, Aura Light International AB,
+46 (0)8 564 883 40, +46 (0)730 45 83 40,
Alina Giraldo, Press Officer, Aura Light International AB,
+46 (0)8 564 883 89, +46 (0)702 86 40 02

 About Aura Light

Aura Light is a lighting company that supplies sustainable lighting solutions to professional customers, enabling them to reduce cost, energy consumption and environmental impact. Aura Light is acknowledged for long lifetime, high quality and energy reduction, where the Aura Light lighting solutions can reduce the energy consumption by up to 80 percent. The foundation for Aura Light was already laid in 1930 in Sweden under the name Lumalampan. The Head Office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Aura Light subsidiaries and distributors sell lighting solutions all over the world and the customers are primarily found in industry, retail and public sector. Aura Light has about 250 employees and a turnover of approximately 60 million Euros. Read more at


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