Aura Light launches full range of Long Life Metal Halide Lamp


The lighting company Aura Light expands their range of Long Life Metal Halide lamps to more wattages and expands its lifetime. The lamp is primarily used in cities and has a guaranteed lifetime that is more than double compared to standard products on the market, saving both maintenance costs and the environment.


With a Long Life lamp less replacements are needed, which both reduces costs and helps the customers to become more sustainable. There is also a security aspect of lamps with a long lifetime, as it increases the chances of well-lit streets, parks etc as well as avoiding the dangerous maintenance work in cities. As Aura Crystal Long Life now is available in all wattages it can be used for all needs and various outdoor environments.

– We have now expanded our range within street lighting solutions, by launching a full range from 35-150 Watt of Aura Crystal Long Life. This means that we are strengthening Aura Light’s position as being the natural provider of all kinds of high quality Long Life sustainable street lighting solutions. There is a big demand on Long Life Metal Halide lamps and now that we have a full range of wattages we can meet our customers’ individual needs, says Martin Malmros, CEO and Group Director at Aura Light International AB.

Metal Halide is a lamp type well suited for urban street lighting, with a white high quality light. The colour rendering, or possibility to reproduce the actual colour of various objects, is high (Ra > 80).

The Aura Crystal Long Life has a lifetime of 30,000 hours (previously 25,000 hours), which equals about seven years in street lighting application (12 hours/day, 365 days/year, 90% of the lamps still working). In average lifetime that is 43 000 hours (about nine years, 50% of the lamps still working). Aura Crystal Long Life can now be offered in the wattages 35W, 50W, 70W with cap E27, 100W and 150W with cap E40, which means that there is a full range that can be used in different application areas for urban street lighting.

Stockholm 17 September 2012
Aura Light International AB


For further information please contact:

  • Martin Malmros, CEO and Group Director Aura Light International AB
    +46 (0)8 564 883 40, +46 (0)730 45 83 40,
  • Alina Giraldo, Press Officer, Aura Light International AB
    +46 (0)8 564 883 89, +46 (0)702 86 40 02,

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